Delicious Birthday LoVE

Birthday Giving

DIY Birthday Giving

Here is a little birthday LoVE in a box. For a fun presentation I picked up a large heart box at my local craft store. (pretty sure you can catch it on sale every other week at Hobby Lobby, YAY). I spray painted the inside with a chalky pink and the outside metallic gold. I filled it with pink and gold tinsel. Add a split of bubbly. Freixenet bottles are perfect for writing a message on the bottle with a gold paint pen. A vintage chamapagne glass with, of course, a paper straw for sipping. A candle to WISH BIG. Your favorite little chocolates and I like to add a piece of jewelry or cash. On the outside I made a “celebrate” tag which I attached to sparklers. I also made a little homemade confetti popper. Hooray!!

Celebrate your loved ones in style. xo

Delicious Thanksgiving Tables


Have you thought about your holiday table yet? I was just browsing for ideas and wanted to share some of the delicious ones I found. You can go very natural and simple, which I am really liking or dress it up with gold painted pumpkins and formal place settings. Whichever route you choose there are a lot of great ideas out there. I would love to share any of these designs with my family. Hmmm which one to choose. I will keep you posted.

Happy Friday to you. xo

Delicious Field Trip


Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Fall is in the air. A visit to your local gardens is a must this time of year. This is one club I am always a member of. Denver Botanic Gardens is my happy place. I visit at least once a month. The horse sculture art display throughout the gardens was an amazing tour. It just ended but never fear there is always something new and wonderful going on here. It always lifts my spirits and gives me that little piece of calm. Tonight is “Glow at the Gardens’. The York Street location will light up the night with jack-o’-lanterns and luminaria-lined pathways winding through the grounds to reveal larger-than-life pumpkin displays. I know where I will be tonight.

Visit your local gardens for a delicious taste of fall. xo

Delicious Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Stripe Wall in Powder Room

Stripes in Powder Room

Ok, so while I am in the mist of renovation dust, my powder room seems to be the only room I can capture any creativity in. I dream of a cool wallpaper on this wall but for now wall decals are the only thing in my budget. (Yep, we went way over the budget in the kitchen). I wanted this room to be a little more whimsical than the stripes I painted. These gold dots fit the bill. Budget friendly and lovely is perfect for this girl. When I grow tired of them or I find the funds for some spectacular alternative, I can just remove them. It was a great way to add a little more bling and gold to another room.

What are some budget friendly ways you add character to a room? xo

Delicious Fall Display

Fall Home Entrance

Fall Home Display

Fall home display

Fall home display

I don’t know about you but my favorite time of year is right now. I love the cool weather and all the fabulous colors. October is refreshing. I just added a couple pumpkins outside my front door and boom, it feels like fall. My big round pot is loving the climate right now. It is crazy how the color seems to be changing from my summer look with the succulent in the middle and now. I am taking it all in because I know we will be making a snowman soon.

Every picture is a little cuter with a Coconut in it. xo


Delicious Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

green wedding shoes

Happy Friday Everyone! I know Thanksgiving is over a month away but I am highly anticipating the day. I will have a kitchen by then. YAH! HURRAY!! I can’t wait to cook again and decorate my table that is now hidden under dust and plastic. I am drooling over these lovely centerpieces for the celebration. Check out the step by step tutorials for all of them at some of my fav DIY spots. Aint they pretty?

What’s your table decor plan this year? Have a great weekend. xo

Delicious Gratitude

Happy Monday! Don’t you just love to make someones day with a delicious thank-you? This “Pasta Production” is created by the talented Jo Gartin. She has been one of my biggest inspirations throughout the years. She can create the most wonderful parties (and of course weddings). Sending something homemade is from the heart. Here we have a ‘homemade’ pasta sauce and brownie bites in glass containers. A loaf of Italian bread, pasta, cheese, a grater and mixed nuts and coconut. It is contained in a wine crate. The packaging for the cheese is so simple but adorable.

Say Thank-you and make someone smile today. xo


Delicious GOLD

Happy Weekend Everyone! It is no secret that I have an obsession with gold.  I am already thinking about delightful dinner parties this holiday season. I will be incorporating all of these delicious ideas. Something as simple as painting a rock gold, wrapping it in twine and adding a feather as a placecard. Very rustic. I am lusting these gold dipped flower vases for sure.  I also love that they used milk bottles for the vessel. A thanksgiving table set in all gold would be fab. I adore the gold utensils. How about a centerpiece of gold pumpkin succulent planters? These are a must. Simple shiny gold ribbon hanging from these dessert sticks make me swoon. And last but certainly not least. Don’t you love the idea of taking a piece of fruit and painting it gold, adding a herb and boom you have a cool place card. I get so many of my party ideas from wedding blogs. Go and research some of these talented ones above. “Magnolia” is one of my favorite blogs and designer, Joanna Gaines from ‘Fixer Upper’ is amazing. You will be inspired!

Let’s get holiday busy. xo


Delicious Idea of the Week

Succulent Pumpkins

I am so excited about this tutorial and it incorporates my favorite little plant. Succulents! Head on over to Succulents & Sunshine for ‘How-To’ and much more info on this little beauty. It is a great source for all of your succulent questions.

Get Pumkin inspired today. xo

Delicious Words to Live By.....

quotes to live by

Now this is a happy display from Leadville (AKA Bike Town) Colorado. I was immediately in a happy mood after browsing this card selection. I think I will take these words of wisdom right into the weekend.

Happy Friday Everyone! xo

I am surrounded by

yummy inspirations everyday.

I hope you enjoy my delicious take on life.

Arrive happy and come create something delicious with me!

Delicious Words to Live By.....

  Words to Live By