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Growing Succulents Indoors

Growing Succulents Indoors

Growing Succulents Indoors

Planting Succulents Indoors

Growing Succulents Indoors

Growing Succulents IndoorsLiving in renovation mode has really squashed my creativity, so I desired a little project today. Behind all the hanging plastic, dust, and removed ceilings, it is vital for me to feel that a little corner of the house is still mine. I have this pretty metal planter with a variety of moss greenery. It has started to look a little tired. In come my favorite gem, the succulent. With a combination of moss and succulents the pot has found new life. While searching for information on growing succulents inside I came across a great website with valuable information. Of course they will do better outside but it is possible to enjoy indoors. I have the perfect location in front of a bright window in the hallway outside our master bedroom. (they need at least 6 hours of sunlight) The top photo is the finished product. There are a great variety to choose from. The other photos are my outdoor succulents. Check out succulents and sunshine and get planting!

What a great weekend project. xo

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