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valentines gifts

Valentines Day Gifts

Hearts and Valentines Day

Hearts for Valentines Day

Hearts and Valentines Day

Hearts and Valentines Day

Hearts and Valentines Day

Have you ever dropped by the little store, Terrain? Well if you haven’t run, run, run! A fun spot to online shop for all things garden. Their stores are located in PA and CT. If there was  a Denver location I would be in big trouble. I am obsessed with this place. They also have a blog I follow daily with sooooo many great ideas for your outside playground and everything else. The way they wrap gifts truly makes me drool. I love all of these sweet hearts they are selling to celebrate the 14th. I just can’t get enough of this gem of a store. And they are related to my other favorite place, Anthropologie. Of course they are.

Why is it always so much fun shopping for hearts? xo

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