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Winter can sometimes leave me a little blue, and so that calls for the green stuff. Although I do love the snow, I miss my garden and so I find it essential to have living plants indoors. On my daily hikes with my puppies I adore all the cute cactus everywhere. I decided to bring some cacti into my casa. Succulents and air plants are always at the top of my list too. If you travel a lot, it is especially great to incorporate all of these hardy plants indoors. You can literally leave them alone for days and they are still their happy selves. I looovveee to cook. Bringing in a few fresh herbs are great too. They are pretty costly when you pick them up at the grocery store. Remember air plants may not need the soil to survive but water is a must. In my dry climate I have found they thrive if I soak them in a big bowl of water every seven days for about an hour.

Happy Planting! xo

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