Yes, you could say that I am ‘A Basket Case!’  Many moons ago I use to have a gift basket business.  I had to retire early to play with my kiddos.  Unsure of what the future holds,  maybe I will start it up again.  Dreaming up a fun gift for someone is so enjoyable.  Find out as many little details about the recipient. Personalize it just to their liking. Watch them go bananas!  Let’s create! Is ‘GIVING’ the loveliest thing?

‘Twenty-First’ BIRTHDAY!

A ’21rst’ birthday is ‘big time!’ Add a little sparkle to her day.  I created this for my daughters best bud.  Fun, young and hip!  A candle for her to make a wish.  Champagne for a toast. (21) Chocolates. (these are her favorites) The zebra tissue paper & flower is flirty and I added a pearl ‘M’ initial.  Very Audrey.  I presented it in a silver pail.

Basket of Happiness!

50th Birthday!

Turning ’50’ is reason for celebration. I always pick a color and theme first. Personalize by giving gifts they would love. I wanted to send my Sis some happiness….so I thought of items that would do just that!

A jar of happiness was a perfect gift. Pick a beautiful jar. I printed out ‘Happiness Quotes” on strips of paper and placed them inside. She can pick out quotes everyday for a year of Happiness!

Happy Valentines Day!

I am surrounded by

yummy inspirations everyday.

I hope you enjoy my delicious take on life.

Arrive happy and come create something delicious with me!

Delicious Words to Live By.....