Delicious Charcuterie Board

You know when you have people coming over spur of the moment? What ya gonna do? Put together a quick charcuterie board with some things you have on hand. Ok, I have a lot on hand usually. I always have a variety cheese. Hello, CostCo! The prices on cheese are incredible and of course […]

Delicious Thanksgiving Tables


design addict mom

design addict mom

craftberry bush

design addict mom

design addict mom

Have you thought about your holiday table yet? I was just browsing for ideas and wanted to share some of the delicious ones I found. You can go very natural and simple, which I am […]

Delicious Thanksgiving Centerpiece

green wedding shoes

santa barbara chic

santa barbara chic

100 layer cake

green wedding shoes

Happy Friday Everyone! I know Thanksgiving is over a month away but I am highly anticipating the day. I will have a kitchen by then. YAH! HURRAY!! I can’t wait to cook again and decorate […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

Beverages on the Go….

Mason jars filled with lemonade, ice tea or sweet tea and lemon water, situated on top of a container of ice. What a great idea for your next party. Looks fun and festive and feels like Spring. YAY!! Perfect for a garden get together.

Tuesday’s Rock. Make it a great […]

Delicious Slice of Pie

Baking & Giving! One of my very favorite pastimes! It is so fun to have a favor or parting treat for your dinner guests. These Sweet Pie Boxes are perfect to send with your company as they part for the evening. Tuck a yummy slice of your favorite homemade pie, wrapped […]

Delicious Paper

Never underestimate the power of paper! I am loving this line of fun and beautiful paper and I just had to get me some! Perfect to wrap a bouquet of flowers in or make a cone for some baked goodies. Line your cake stand with it or […]

Delicious Spring Table

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I had a simple dinner at home and enjoyed the beautiful day we were blessed with here in Denver. My table was decorated very simply with fresh yellow roses and purple tulip boquets. I bought the flowers at my local market […]

Winter Bouquet

Pot of Color!

What a lovely centerpiece for your next celebration!

Entertaining With Flowers

Focal Point!

Create the mood by using flowers for your holiday parties this season. Making standout creations is easier than you think.

I search my local markets for affordable bunches of mixed blooms, then spend time sorting and creatively mixing hues. Remove excessive filler, and you can easily make a gorgeous bouquet.

Flowers are […]

Light Up Your Holiday Table

Center Stage!

Festive linens, sparkling crystal and silverware, yummy meals with family and friends-add to this wonderful combination the one thing that will round it all off and make everything perfect: the right lighting.

It’s your dinner lighting that will get everyone in the mood for the festive season!

Layers of light will […]

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I hope you enjoy my delicious take on life.

Arrive happy and come create something delicious with me!

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