Delicious Words to Live By…..

Cheers to a Fabulous 2016! It’s going to be Incredible!! xo

Delicious Words to Live By…..

Now this is a happy display from Leadville (AKA Bike Town) Colorado. I was immediately in a happy mood after browsing this card selection. I think I will take these words of wisdom right into the weekend.

Happy Friday Everyone! xo

Delicious Disco Ball

Light Show

Nesting Place

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Hunted Interior

Don’t ya just love light? Take advantage of sunny days by decorating with a disco ball. My hubby thinks I am a little crazy, but I love the mood it sets in the room. Renovating is driving me a little batty […]

Delicious Words to Live By…..

Happy Tuesday. I wanted to start the week off with a ‘delicious’ quote. This is such a great one to ponder on. I always want to be a better person. Today I am grateful. Today I will be humble.

Every day is a new start to a better you. xo


Delicious Summer Corn Salad

I love creating food items that take advantage of the season. Bring on the tomatoes and corn. I get all my veggies at the farmers market. You can change it up anyway you want and add other veggies from your garden. I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite web sites,


Delicious Words to Live By…..

I took a little hiatus from this journal of ideas online, but I am happy to be back. Everyday is a blessing and we have made a lot of changes. I retired from flying and we purchased our dream ranch in the rockies. I will be a full time Ranch Manager. We have A […]

Delicious Words to Live By…..

May the LuCK o’ the Irish be with you. I love celebrating my Irish heritage on this very green day. So have fun, go green, and be safe.

Cheers to my very Irish Mom & to everyone else because we are all Irish today. xo


Delicious Words to Live By…..

Get out of your Comfort Zone today…..xo

Delicious Words to Live By…..

“BE KIND!” Happy Weekend! xo

Delicious Words to Live By

Adventure is out there…..lets go see the WORLD!!!! xo

I am surrounded by

yummy inspirations everyday.

I hope you enjoy my delicious take on life.

Arrive happy and come create something delicious with me!

Delicious Words to Live By.....