Delicious Hearts

Have you ever dropped by the little store, Terrain? Well if you haven’t run, run, run! A fun spot to online shop for all things garden. Their stores are located in PA and CT. If there was a Denver location I would be in big trouble. I am […]

Delicious Chili Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil

Give the gift of flavor! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite creations for my holiday baskets this year.

Flavored Olive Oil How To: Fill a bottle (I found mine at my favorite place: IKEA) 3/4 full of Olive Oil. (I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil that […]

Delicious Gratitude

Love Is

Happy Monday! Don’t you just love to make someones day with a delicious thank-you? This “Pasta Production” is created by the talented Jo Gartin. She has been one of my biggest inspirations throughout the years. She can create the most wonderful parties (and of course weddings). Sending something homemade is from […]

Delicious Packages

One of my favorite parts of the giving process is in the wrapping of the package. I love to create something with a lot of love and make it as special as possible. Even when I am giving cash, a gift card, or just a simple thank you the […]

Delicious Wrappings

When I give cash for a gift I always try to find a way to present it with a little flair. My groovy friends just said “I Do” and instead of just a card filled with the green stuff, I took a simple silver pail, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, the […]

Delicious Spring & Summer Giving

Here are some great ideas for Spring & Summer giving! I would love any and all of these lovely tokens and there is really something for everyone. 1). Brunch in an ice bucket is perfect for a visit to your favorite Sunday pal. Mimosa anyone? 2). A handwritten note is […]

Delicious Welcome Bags


Welcoming guests who are visiting you is such a lovely way to introduce them to your neck of the woods. We have international friends visiting us and the perfect solution is everything, Colorado. I found some Colorado totes and I am filling them with t-shirt and hat, maps of the […]

Delicious Flower Wraps

Giving Flowers….

Two of my favorite flower giving holidays are approaching (Easter & Mothers Day) and here are simple examples of how to present them. Kraft paper should be on your list of items to always have on hand. I use this versatile paper all the time. My other tools of […]

Delicious Holiday Gift Baskets

My only wish for this time of year is for more time. I love creating delicious delights for all of my lovely friends and family. I found these adorable star baskets, perfect for this time of year and filled it with goodies such as homemade ‘fudgy chocolate sauce’. I made a cone with […]

Delicious Birthday in a Jar

Instant Celebration!

What a cute and quick gift to have on hand….a mason jar filled with a felted crown, balloon, candle and confetti for a birthday celebration! Perfect to give with cash or a gift card. Anthropologie! Stock up your party closet!

Happy Birthday Hubby! xo


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