Delicious Nature Art

Projects that are practically free and beautiful are the ones that intrigue me. Here is such a unique design for bringing the outdoors in. To follow exact instructions, ‘Cleverly Inspired’ blog will set you up. I think you could hang this as a piece of winter art and even embellish it with holiday […]

Delicious Modern Hallways




I always find my hallways are sometimes the hardest to furnish and give life to. I am adoring these examples form Livingetc Magazine. They play with color and fun! 1). The plain walls and floor are a perfect palette to display beautiful art and funky furniture. 2). If […]

Merry Artwork

Antler Lights!

Perfect holiday decorating idea! Use an awl to poke holes in a canvas and feed through fairy lights for artwork with a modern Christmas flair.


Regenerate & Renew


Revamp your Dining Space!

Make your dining room a welcoming gathering area for family and friends.

Modernize your dining room with industrial-style lighting. Balance their stream lined look by combining the lighting with natural furnishings like distressed tables and wicker chairs. Take the formality out!!!

Personalize […]




This heart hangs in an art gallery in the oldest square in Paris. Have a LOVELY day!

journal your life


creative streak!

Journaling is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate your personal development. By getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them down in writing, you gain insights you’d otherwise never see.

I might walk out the door without my house keys but I […]

Mail Art

Tuesday, 16 NOVEMBER 2010


Send a post card to a loved one reminding them of the wonderful time you spent together! It is like sending a piece of art via US Mail! Feel free to frame or add to the collection on the refridge! I always keep a pack of these post cards […]

Cool Shades!

Monday, 23 AUGUST 2010

Lampshade ART!!! Have you noticed how artsy lampshades are lately? I want to go crazy and snatch up a bunch! So much FUN!

The crowning glory of a great lamp is the SHADE! Modern lamp shades can add the perfect contemporary touch to your interior. It’s […]

Art & Music Fest!

Monday, 26 APRIL 2010

Art Shows are located among some of the most charming streets in America. Hundreds of award winning artists bring their unique creations to art enthusiasts all over the nation every weekend. Make sure and check your local area for some creative fun in the sun! I am lucky to […]

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