Delicious Coffee Table Styling

house beautiful

house beautiful


elle decor


elle decor

Great design elements such as books, flowers and trays are my favorite tools when styling my coffee table. I change it up ALL the time. Here are some great ideas to make your table super cool. […]

Delicious Birthday Cake Toppers

Happy July Birthdays out there. I have a very special one to celebrate….my first born! The 31rst is the big day and I wanted to throw out some creative cake topper ideas from Martha Stewart. I always appreciate that she gives you options that are very affordable. 1). Make mini […]

Delicious Pinterest

Outdoor Lighting Inspirations

Outdoor entertaining can be the most wonderful event if the lighting is just right. Here are some beautiful examples on Pinterest. 1). The lanterns hanging in the tree above the elegant but simple table add just the right lighting for a romantic outdoor dinner. 2). Dress up […]

Light Up Your Holiday Table

Center Stage!

Festive linens, sparkling crystal and silverware, yummy meals with family and friends-add to this wonderful combination the one thing that will round it all off and make everything perfect: the right lighting.

It’s your dinner lighting that will get everyone in the mood for the festive season!

Layers of light will […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

Creepy Candles



Cast a sinister glow over any setting with a cluster of white tapers dripping with “blood” (actually red candle wax). Fill a cup or a small pail with sand, and plant white candles inside so they stand upright. Light a red candle and tip it over the white candles so […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

Garden Affair!

Dine outdoors tonight! The evenings are lovely right now and I love this simple centerpiece idea.


Flowers and candlelight are nothing new, but together they create tabletop decorations ideal for relaxed summer entertaining. Place votive candles in tall glass vessels, and attach a flower (dahlias are shown here) outside each, trimming […]


Wednesday, 31 MARCH 2010

Elegance and Flirty come to mind when I think about Candelabras! Adding bobeches with hanging crystals really adds the romance. I love the way the crystals almost glitter when you dim the lights and the candles are aglow. Even […]

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