Delicious LoVE Notes

Happy Valentines Day! It is my favorite DIY Holiday. I found this cute idea over at oh happy day. I just had to recreate them for my kids. They were very simple to make. I added them to a goodie basket filled with cookies, rice krispie treats, and caramel brownies all cut […]

Delicious Valentines Day Cards

13 days and counting until Valentines Day. I feel like this is the DIY of all holidays. I mean if you want to send LoVE it should be heartfelt. Are these just the cutest cards or what? Simple and to the point. I want to recreate every single one. […]

Delicious Thanksgiving Tables


design addict mom

design addict mom

craftberry bush

design addict mom

design addict mom

Have you thought about your holiday table yet? I was just browsing for ideas and wanted to share some of the delicious ones I found. You can go very natural and simple, which I am […]

Delicious Thanksgiving Centerpiece

green wedding shoes

santa barbara chic

santa barbara chic

100 layer cake

green wedding shoes

Happy Friday Everyone! I know Thanksgiving is over a month away but I am highly anticipating the day. I will have a kitchen by then. YAH! HURRAY!! I can’t wait to cook again and decorate […]

Delicious Packages

One of my favorite parts of the giving process is in the wrapping of the package. I love to create something with a lot of love and make it as special as possible. Even when I am giving cash, a gift card, or just a simple thank you the […]

Delicious Pinterest Inspirations

Happy Fourth of July

I love the 4th of July and all that it is–the picnic food, lounging by the pool, the big fireworks display and especially hanging with all those you love to celebrate with. Of course I found my inspirations on Pinterest. All of these are creative ideas […]

Delicious Pinterest Inspirations

Lucky GREEN!

March has arrived and with it comes my favorite color to celebrate the IRISH! Here are some green inspirations I spyed on Pinterest to get you in the spirit. From beautiful flowers to green doors and porches to the different shades of the lovely color. You have […]

Delicious Pinterest Inspirations

All things PINK!

Valentines Day is this Friday and Love & Pink are on my mind….add a little red if you want to. I spyed these pink inspirations on Pinterest. 1). Roses for giving or recieving on the day of love. What a beautiful shade of pink. 2). The […]

Delicious Egg Nog

Nothing says the Holiday like homemade egg nog! I turn to this recipe every year for a little bit of Christmas Cheer.

How to:

In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat 4 egg yolks until they lighten in color. Gradually add 1/3 cup sugar and continue to beat until it is completely dissolved. […]

Delicious Luminaries

Thanksgiving Table

Let the Holidays begin! I like to decorate for one special day at a time and here is a creative DIY project that would add that Thanksgiving touch to your table. Step by step instructions and free printables at the very creative Creature Comforts blog. So pretty! I really like […]

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