Delicious Buttercream Frosting

I’ve been testing different buttercream recipes all my life it seems. There are so many ones out there. Some have ingredients like real butter and others use margarine and crisco. Some are easier to work with than others but for me it always comes down to taste. I have done the test of […]

Delicious Sugar Cookies



I love making sugar cookies and giving as gifts for every holiday. It’s such an easy way to make every occasion a little more personal and from the heart. I have a recipe I have been using for years, which I have included for you. I usually find a […]

Delicious Fireside S’mores

One of my favorite cravings are smores by the fire. Nothing compares to a toasted marshmallow with melted chocolate made into a little tasty sandwich. I like to up the ante and use shortbread cookies instead of graham crackers. Use a good quality chocolate such as Lindt. I prefer the bittersweet, […]

Delicious Ginger Sandwich Cookies

There are words for this cookie….’delightful, melts in your mouth, to die for,’ are just a few that come to mind. Want forgiveness for anything? Make this one right away! The creamy center brings the cookie to complete yumminess. Is cream cheese good in everything?

Follow the steps to delicious ginger […]

Delicious Meringue Cookies

Delightfully Airy

It is Spring party time and I adore adding this light airy morsel to my dessert bar when I am having a party. “Variety is the Spice of Life!!” What a perfect theme for setting up a sweet table. With the usually chocolate suspects I serve and heavy choices, it […]



Tie bauble cookies with multi-coloured ribbon and hang from a light fixture for the ultimate nibble-friendly centrepiece.

Festive idea from

Valentines Day Goodies


Sending Treats To Your Loved Ones!

I miss making heart pancakes for my kiddos on Valentines Day. So I send them fun little treats in the mail to let them know they are in my hearts!

Package homemade cookies in cellophane bags with tags and wishes of LOVE!


Match Made in Heaven!

Chocolate & Peanut Butter….greatest combo!!! Coconut’s Favorite!

DELISH! This cookie is a must for any ‘chocolate peanut butter’ lover! They blend the savory flavors of both chocolate and peanut butter-a taste match made in heaven. Put them in a fancy jar and they are great for gifts. Each cookie packs a double dose of […]

Melt in your Mouth

Monday, 17 MAY 2010

Discovering a new cook book is always a thrill! I can’t wait to get it home, settle in, and read it from cover to cover. I like to test a couple of recipes in the book and if they’re yummy, I know I’ve found a winner. Lulu Powers is a […]


Creating the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie! This recipe is super YUMMY! With a switch of a couple ingredients and the addition of one you will delighted with the change. Enjoy. […]

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