Delicious LoVE Notes

Happy Valentines Day! It is my favorite DIY Holiday. I found this cute idea over at oh happy day. I just had to recreate them for my kids. They were very simple to make. I added them to a goodie basket filled with cookies, rice krispie treats, and caramel brownies all cut […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

It’s almost here. You know, that love date. February 14th. This is a simple way to send a message to the ones you love. How creative. Just write your message inside and fold the heart into an envelope and you have a quick and simple card for those across the miles or right next […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

Succulent Pumpkins

Succulents & Sunshine

I am so excited about this tutorial and it incorporates my favorite little plant. Succulents! Head on over to Succulents & Sunshine for ‘How-To’ and much more info on this little beauty. It is a great source for all of your succulent questions.

Get Pumkin inspired today. xo


Delicious Vellum Garland

It is going to be a fabulous Spring weekend here but if you are in the mood for a little DIY project here is a quick and simple one. A vellum garland you can show off at your next celebration. You will need sheets of vellum paper, a circle punch, Monofilament line, […]

Delicious Pinterest Inspirations

The LUCK o’ the Irish…..

The 36th Avenue

Martha Stewart

Design Sponge

Glitter and Nails

May the LuCK o’ the Irish be with you. A little bit o’ GREEN to get you in the March mood. It’s such a fun and playful holiday for the young and not so young. […]

Delicious Pinterest Inspirations

Happy Fourth of July

I love the 4th of July and all that it is–the picnic food, lounging by the pool, the big fireworks display and especially hanging with all those you love to celebrate with. Of course I found my inspirations on Pinterest. All of these are creative ideas […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

Message in an EGG

I am always looking for crafty ways to send joy through the mail and this is perfect for Easter. I might tuck in some grass and chocolates but a special suprise for anyone! Something special to send to the coolest chick […]

Delicious Irish Spirits

Luck ‘O the Irish to you!

Here is a cute, cute little idea from Design Sponge for a little spirit to give away on the festive 17th. Working in the sky I run into a lot of these little minutures. Get creative and fill with what ever your heart desires. If you are […]

Delicious Shramrock Streamers

Here is a very ‘green’ project for you….check out more details at Studio DIY. I’ll have to send this to my very IRISH Mum in her box of green goodies.


Cut a piece of streamer to your desired length. Fold the streamer accodion style. Make a shamrock […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

LoVE Message in a Bottle

Such a sweet little Valentine!

You will need:

glass bottle with cork top white paper needle nose pliers scissors red embroidery thread thin wire metal chain red felt needle glue gun & glue sicks

1). Cut a strip of white paper: 1.5″ x […]

I am surrounded by

yummy inspirations everyday.

I hope you enjoy my delicious take on life.

Arrive happy and come create something delicious with me!

Delicious Words to Live By.....