Delicious Cluster

Sometimes just strolling the city gives me inspiration, especially when I spy beautiful clusters of flowers. These are some lovely urban examples. Hydrangeas are some of my favorite for enjoying at home. These lovely gems just keeping on giving for at least a week. Check out the […]

Delicious Inspiration

Lovely Shades of Pink!

I have to admit I really love PINK! Not so much the kind that is loud and smacks you in the face but the subtle hints you add to a room, or a dessert bar or a small bouquet to brighten a room. Here are some […]

Delicious Spring Blooms

Don’t Add Water….


Because I am a ‘fly girl’ and gone all the time it is nice to have flowers around that require no maintenance. These crepe paper flowers are not only pretty and colorful, but simple to create. You need minimal and inexpensive materials and a little bit of patience. […]

Delicious Tulips

Yep, we are having a snow storm outside today but inside my flat it is nice and cheery. The recipe for this is to add a few tulips. That will do the trick. They are abundant right now at my local market. It is tough to walk on by the colorful display […]

Delicious Flowers

Happy Friday! I am busy decorating for the Easter weekend and these flowers are transforming my little flat into a Springtime oasis. I made these out of napkins. Yes, I did say napkins! So simple and beautiful! Play around with different sizes and colors. I attached a row of them to a […]

Oh Pretty Basket

I am not sure what says Easter more than a bunny, and he seems right at home nestled in tissue paper grass in a silver pail. Missing my kids at this time of year is matter of fact-enjoy your moment before they fly the coop. I like using a silver pail as my […]


Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Treats



And here is….yet another holiday and time to give again. My St. Patricks package consisted of savory and sweet edibles, a paper flower (always a great choice when you can’t send the real one), and a LUCKY card! (from my post ‘LUCKY IRISH BANNER’ yesterday).


Winter Bouquet

Pot of Color!

What a lovely centerpiece for your next celebration!

Puppy LoVE

Coconut Treats!

We love our girl! When it comes to “Coconut” (AKA: CoCo as in Chanel) my Taylor and I get a little fashion crazy because our darling is just sooooo cute. Fun to dress her up in all kind of goodies. PRECIOUS!




This is a priceless idea from […]

Beautiful Cluster

A Pocket Full of Posies….


Just a little beauty I spied while shopping in San Jose….what a shoe shop!! Love the combination of succulents and orchids. The color shouts fun!

Romantic and subtle!

I love the graduation of colors…..white blooms to a rich pink.


Purple and Orange

Great Color […]

I am surrounded by

yummy inspirations everyday.

I hope you enjoy my delicious take on life.

Arrive happy and come create something delicious with me!

Delicious Words to Live By.....