Delicious Fiddle Leaf Figs



I love me some fiddle leaf figs! They are so cool and I could possibly have them in every room in my home. I love the big shiny happy leaves. I see them in about every room I pin or find on the internet so probably a little trendy right now, […]

Delicious Indoor Greenery



Winter can sometimes leave me a little blue, and so that calls for the green stuff. Although I do love the snow, I miss my garden and so I find it essential to have living plants indoors. On my daily hikes with my puppies I adore all the […]

Delicious Hearts

Have you ever dropped by the little store, Terrain? Well if you haven’t run, run, run! A fun spot to online shop for all things garden. Their stores are located in PA and CT. If there was a Denver location I would be in big trouble. I am […]

Delicious Chili Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil

Give the gift of flavor! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite creations for my holiday baskets this year.

Flavored Olive Oil How To: Fill a bottle (I found mine at my favorite place: IKEA) 3/4 full of Olive Oil. (I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil that […]

Delicious Field Trip


Fall is in the air. A visit to your local gardens is a must this time of year. This is one club I am always a member of. Denver Botanic Gardens is my happy place. I visit at least once a month. The horse sculture art […]

Delicious Fall Display

I don’t know about you but my favorite time of year is right now. I love the cool weather and all the fabulous colors. October is refreshing. I just added a couple pumpkins outside my front door and boom, it feels like fall. My big round pot is loving the climate […]

Delicious Plantings

Growing Succulents Indoors

Living in renovation mode has really squashed my creativity, so I desired a little project today. Behind all the hanging plastic, dust, and removed ceilings, it is vital for me to feel that a little corner of the house is still mine. I have this pretty metal planter […]

Delicious Succulents

It is finally here! We have enjoyed a marvelous Autumn here in Colorado and as much as I love the Winter, I have to admit it is going to be hard to part with my potted succulents. They are just gorgeous. I have to share these pictures with you […]

Delicious Blooms

What a lovely stroll through the Denver Botanic Gardens! Thought you might enjoy a lovely flower tour after the holiday weekend. Chihuly exhibit on display now through November 30th is a beautiful sight to take in. Can’t wait to view it lit up in the evenings.

Happy Tuesday. […]

Delicious Spring & Summer Giving

Here are some great ideas for Spring & Summer giving! I would love any and all of these lovely tokens and there is really something for everyone. 1). Brunch in an ice bucket is perfect for a visit to your favorite Sunday pal. Mimosa anyone? 2). A handwritten note is […]

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