Delicious Wrappings

When I give cash for a gift I always try to find a way to present it with a little flair. My groovy friends just said “I Do” and instead of just a card filled with the green stuff, I took a simple silver pail, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, the […]

Delicious Irish Tag

Happy St Patricks Day!

Here is a cute little tag I made in honor of the day! I sent it to my very Irish Mama. I attached it to a green basket full of all of her favorite goodies! Buy or make any shape tag. Add some green letters with message of choice. I […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

Birthday Flag Tag with Glitter Topper

Birthday tags are always abundant in my party drawer. When I have spare time I love to increase my inventory. Flag tags are simple to create with just a few materials. Check out my “Delicious Congratulation Card” post. I added a dowel ball covered in […]

Delicious Birthday Wishes

A sweet birthday gift for a special cuz! I always have silver pails on hand to load with fun little treats for any celebration. A birthday always calls for a little adult beverage to toast with. I added a mercury glass votive filled with tea lights to make the […]

Delicious Graduation Gifts



June is a lovely month to celebrate your favorite graduate! I have a lot of BOYS to cheer on this season and so I came up with a fun presentation. Cash is what they are looking for but I wanted to add something extra. I took a clear container and […]

Delicious Wrapping

Lovely Giving

Ok, I know the actual gift is important but the right presentation can make your present more remarkable. I like hearing a lot of ooohs and ahhhs when I present a goodie. Here I used a 4x4x4 chocolate brown box, ribbon, a butterfly or paper flower. It isn’t always about […]


Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Treats



And here is….yet another holiday and time to give again. My St. Patricks package consisted of savory and sweet edibles, a paper flower (always a great choice when you can’t send the real one), and a LUCKY card! (from my post ‘LUCKY IRISH BANNER’ yesterday).


Accordion Art

Fan-Folded Pinwheel

I like to mix it up a bit when sending cards in a fun care package. I recently made these sweet accordion cards and tucked them in the LoVE packages I sent out for Valentines Day. Perfect for birthdays and special occasions. These are simple & cute!





Vacation Coasters



Use maps from your favorite vacation spot and make coasters as an artful memento of your trip. Use maps from one place or mix it up with several local and international spots.

Place map on cutting mat, printed side down, then place cork coaster on top. Cut […]

Grad Gifts!

Friday, 6 AUGUST 2010

We all know what Graduates want for the big event. CASH! It just seems so impersonal to me so I try and find a little way to be creative when giving them what they want! Find a mailing tube, roll the cash and tie with ribbon, add a luggage tag […]

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