Delicious Idea of the Week

It’s almost here. You know, that love date. February 14th. This is a simple way to send a message to the ones you love. How creative. Just write your message inside and fold the heart into an envelope and you have a quick and simple card for those across the miles or right next […]

Delicious Birthday LoVE

Here is a little birthday LoVE in a box. For a fun presentation I picked up a large heart box at my local craft store. (pretty sure you can catch it on sale every other week at Hobby Lobby, YAY). I spray painted the inside with a chalky pink and the outside metallic […]

Delicious HEART Toppers

Making these ‘sparkle’ heart toppers takes all of about 2 minutes. Simple supplies include: bamboo skewers and, sparkle chenille pipe cleaners in assorted colors. Follow these simple instructions. 1). Place the pipe cleaner towards the top of the unpointed skewer side and leave about a 1 1/2 inch […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

I love HEART Bacon!

The perfect Valentine for the man in your life! It would be a great addition with eggs and cute heart pancakes on Valentines Day morning. But the rumor is bacon and chocolate are the perfect pairing. Delicious!


12 thick and floppy piece of bacon

Preheat oven to 400. […]



The perfect way to tell your significant other…. I love you!! Scatter pink and red petals and a few wispy buds in an entryway of your home, atop a table, or on a pillow. LOVELY!

“Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you, Did my heart fly at […]

Zip Tie Garland

I Heart You

Turn a bunch of neon zip ties into a festive garland for a quick, kid-friendly Valentine’s Day decoration. How simple and inexpensive is this?

First, close the zip tie so that the tail is on the inside, and then pinch the bottom to make the point. Loop the hearts together as […]

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