Delicious Vellum Garland

It is going to be a fabulous Spring weekend here but if you are in the mood for a little DIY project here is a quick and simple one. A vellum garland you can show off at your next celebration. You will need sheets of vellum paper, a circle punch, Monofilament line, […]

Delicious Paper

Never underestimate the power of paper! I am loving this line of fun and beautiful paper and I just had to get me some! Perfect to wrap a bouquet of flowers in or make a cone for some baked goodies. Line your cake stand with it or […]

Delicious Congratulation Cards


With weddings and graduations around the corner, I am keeping myself busy stocking up on cards for the occasions. I decided to go with flag wishes for the gifts this year. They are simple enough to construct with a few simple tools. 1). Cut card stock into desired size and […]


Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Treats



And here is….yet another holiday and time to give again. My St. Patricks package consisted of savory and sweet edibles, a paper flower (always a great choice when you can’t send the real one), and a LUCKY card! (from my post ‘LUCKY IRISH BANNER’ yesterday).



Happy to be GREEN!


I wanted to create a little something for you in honor of St. Patricks Day…so here is an Irish banner I composed from paper and ribbon in my crafty box. You can also use it as a card in the GREEN package that you send to your […]

LoVE Notes

Chocolate & LoVE!

Repackage a chocolate bar with your own wrapping and message. Choose the paper…..

…..write your message inside for double goodness!

Give it away…..include the LoVE bar in your Valentines Day packages for the ones you LoVE!

LoVE!! Give it away today!



Delicious Idea of the Week

Presenting the Gift…..

shouldn’t the presentation be as special as the gift itself? This fun wrapped package has retro charm. Add bling to a plain paint can from your local hardware store. This one is all pink and all GIRL!!


Choose colorful paper and cut to size. Glue or tape onto […]

Charming Covers


I found a creative paper source that I want to share with you. Check out Kate & Birdie Paper Company for the most adorable wrapping paper. They also have a great collection of greeting cards, boxed note sets, notebooks, and invitations.





Presentation is EVERYTHING! […]

It’s A Wrap


Artistic & Fun!

Set the tone for a memorable holiday with some fun and creative wrapping ideas. Presentation of the gift is just as important to me as the gift itself.

I send a lot of packages to my college kiddos and I need to fit them […]

I am surrounded by

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I hope you enjoy my delicious take on life.

Arrive happy and come create something delicious with me!

Delicious Words to Live By.....