Delicious Honeycomb Garland

Party planning is a passion of mine and you can make any moment special with an idea and a little prep work. This is such a delightful project for bringing color and fun to a celebration. Feels like a Summer! Change the colors to set just the right mood for your event. […]

Winter Bouquet

Pot of Color!

What a lovely centerpiece for your next celebration!

Entertaining With Flowers

Focal Point!

Create the mood by using flowers for your holiday parties this season. Making standout creations is easier than you think.

I search my local markets for affordable bunches of mixed blooms, then spend time sorting and creatively mixing hues. Remove excessive filler, and you can easily make a gorgeous bouquet.

Flowers are […]

Delicious Idea of the Week…..

Signature Cocktail!



I love a memorable party planning idea and this concept hits the mark! Make your signature drink at home when you print its recipe on napkins from The Stationery Studio. Fun idea from Martha Stewart Weddings. Of course this idea can work at any celebration or small intimate gathering.





Sometimes Creative

Perfect idea for showing off your graduate. Very creative to choose the Graduates initial and fill it with wonderful ‘black & white’ memories. Spray paint a generic letter, found at any hobby store, black, before you begin your project.

Hostess With The Mostess

Behind the […]

Flower Power


Joyous & Vibrant…..

Make them in all shapes, sizes, and colors! Assemble them for packages or for festive party decorations! They are simple and fun to construct and you will delight in the joy they bring! Follow along with this easy step-by-step tutorial.


Delicious Idea of the Week

MONDAY, 18 JULY 2011

Putting it all on the Table…..

Can’t find the perfect table runner for your party?

I love this idea for a casual dinner party. Think outside the box and instead of your usual runner choose your favorite wrapping paper! So many choices! The possibilities are endless…..


Kicking the Cupcake


Waffle Cones & Fruit?! DELICIOUS!

Dessert Bar!

Fill waffle cones with a variety of your favorite fruits and you have a healthy alternative at your dessert bar. You could have some fresh whipped cream on the side for just a touch of guilt!




B is for Baby!

Add a little addition to your next baby shower! I made these drinks tags for a recent baby shower I hosted for a friend expecting a GIRL!

These flags are affordable to make yourself and require a simple assortment of products and tools.

You […]

Growing Season

Friday, 14 JANUARY 2011


I love this dessert for my next big bash! Composed of flowering herbs nestled in chocolaty “soil” covered with pudding. YUM & Creative! From the ground up! That’s how this delectable display starts. Begin with a votive candle holder filled with chocolate pudding and topped with crushed […]

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