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Green Wedding Shoes

Style Me Pretty

Green Wedding Shoes


Style Me Pretty

Green Wedding Shoes

Happy Weekend Everyone! It is no secret that I have an obsession with gold. I am already thinking about delightful dinner parties this holiday season. I will be incorporating all of these […]

Delicious Wrappings

When I give cash for a gift I always try to find a way to present it with a little flair. My groovy friends just said “I Do” and instead of just a card filled with the green stuff, I took a simple silver pail, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, the […]

Delicious Flower Wraps

Giving Flowers….

Two of my favorite flower giving holidays are approaching (Easter & Mothers Day) and here are simple examples of how to present them. Kraft paper should be on your list of items to always have on hand. I use this versatile paper all the time. My other tools of […]

Delicious Wrapping

Lovely Giving

Ok, I know the actual gift is important but the right presentation can make your present more remarkable. I like hearing a lot of ooohs and ahhhs when I present a goodie. Here I used a 4x4x4 chocolate brown box, ribbon, a butterfly or paper flower. It isn’t always about […]


Happy to be GREEN!


I wanted to create a little something for you in honor of St. Patricks Day…so here is an Irish banner I composed from paper and ribbon in my crafty box. You can also use it as a card in the GREEN package that you send to your […]



Tie bauble cookies with multi-coloured ribbon and hang from a light fixture for the ultimate nibble-friendly centrepiece.

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Delicious Idea of the Week

Presenting the Gift…..

shouldn’t the presentation be as special as the gift itself? This fun wrapped package has retro charm. Add bling to a plain paint can from your local hardware store. This one is all pink and all GIRL!!


Choose colorful paper and cut to size. Glue or tape onto […]

Delicious Idea of the Week


Systematize & Organize!

Embarking on a new year is the perfect time for organizing. Now that you have set your goals you will feel better when everything is in its place and you can get more accomplished. After the holidays I realized I have an overabundance of ribbon and finding […]

Delicious Idea of the Week


sweet scraps….

I really save every scrap of ribbon, paper…..and so on. What to do? What to do? Turn them into a present topper by gathering about a dozen scraps of left over ribbon, tie together with a rubber band and hide the band with a piece of ribbon. […]

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