Delicious Words to Live By…..

May the LuCK o’ the Irish be with you. I love celebrating my Irish heritage on this very green day. So have fun, go green, and be safe.

Cheers to my very Irish Mom & to everyone else because we are all Irish today. xo


Delicious Pinterest Inspirations

The LUCK o’ the Irish…..

The 36th Avenue

Martha Stewart

Design Sponge

Glitter and Nails

May the LuCK o’ the Irish be with you. A little bit o’ GREEN to get you in the March mood. It’s such a fun and playful holiday for the young and not so young. […]

Delicious Irish Spirits

Luck ‘O the Irish to you!

Here is a cute, cute little idea from Design Sponge for a little spirit to give away on the festive 17th. Working in the sky I run into a lot of these little minutures. Get creative and fill with what ever your heart desires. If you are […]

Delicious Shramrock Streamers

Here is a very ‘green’ project for you….check out more details at Studio DIY. I’ll have to send this to my very IRISH Mum in her box of green goodies.


Cut a piece of streamer to your desired length. Fold the streamer accodion style. Make a shamrock […]

Delicious Pinterest Inspirations

Lucky GREEN!

March has arrived and with it comes my favorite color to celebrate the IRISH! Here are some green inspirations I spyed on Pinterest to get you in the spirit. From beautiful flowers to green doors and porches to the different shades of the lovely color. You have […]


Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Treats



And here is….yet another holiday and time to give again. My St. Patricks package consisted of savory and sweet edibles, a paper flower (always a great choice when you can’t send the real one), and a LUCKY card! (from my post ‘LUCKY IRISH BANNER’ yesterday).



Happy to be GREEN!


I wanted to create a little something for you in honor of St. Patricks Day…so here is an Irish banner I composed from paper and ribbon in my crafty box. You can also use it as a card in the GREEN package that you send to your […]

Delicious Pinterest

Green Day::Inspirations

toby fariley design







are you irish or just irish at heart? well we all are a little green on the 17th… these are some of my favorite green inspirations on pinterest. i am green with envy and getting in the mood […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

Luck ‘O the IRISH!

March has arrived….lets get ready for a little Irish flavor! Spread that luck around and celebrate with these cute straw toppers for GREEN DAY!!

Martha Stewart

Shamrock Straw Toppers Cut card stock into 5-inch squares. Fold each square in half diagonally, creating a triangle, and then fold in half […]

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Arrive happy and come create something delicious with me!

Delicious Words to Live By.....