Delicious LoVE Notes

Happy Valentines Day! It is my favorite DIY Holiday. I found this cute idea over at oh happy day. I just had to recreate them for my kids. They were very simple to make. I added them to a goodie basket filled with cookies, rice krispie treats, and caramel brownies all cut […]

Delicious Hearts

Have you ever dropped by the little store, Terrain? Well if you haven’t run, run, run! A fun spot to online shop for all things garden. Their stores are located in PA and CT. If there was a Denver location I would be in big trouble. I am […]

Delicious Chocolate Hugs & Kisses

I am loving this ‘Lovely’ project for your Valentines Day celebration. For the details and instructions visit the creative blog, “the sweetest occasion”!!


Chocolate hearts (148 chocolates)

Gold foil candy wrappers (You can find these at a craft or cooking supply store.)

Glue Dots, wall putty or other wall-safe adhesive

Perfect […]

Delicious Idea of the Week

I love HEART Bacon!

The perfect Valentine for the man in your life! It would be a great addition with eggs and cute heart pancakes on Valentines Day morning. But the rumor is bacon and chocolate are the perfect pairing. Delicious!


12 thick and floppy piece of bacon

Preheat oven to 400. […]

LoVE Notes

Chocolate & LoVE!

Repackage a chocolate bar with your own wrapping and message. Choose the paper…..

…..write your message inside for double goodness!

Give it away…..include the LoVE bar in your Valentines Day packages for the ones you LoVE!

LoVE!! Give it away today!



Rice Krispies With LoVE

Dipped in Chocolate

I love Valentines Day! It always includes a little chocolate. I decided to rev up this classic treat by adding extra butter to the recipe & dipping it in a rich chocolate ganache. Valentines sprinkles make it festive. Celebrate and make these simple goodies for the ones you love!



Homespun Hearts

Whip up some Marshmallows!

I’m so tickled pink…..I just made fluffy marshmallows! I was not brave enough to create these before because it seemed a little complicated. My sugary hearts worked out so well I am including the sweet morsels into my Valentines Day packages.


I packaged them in a cupcake liner, […]

Delicious Idea of the Week…..

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Hearts

Martha Stewart

Grease a heart-shaped cutter with vegetable oil or cooking spray. Cut several marshmallows in half horizontally, and then press the cutter into the center of each one. Float the marshmallows and the cutouts on hot chocolate.

SWEET! […]



The perfect way to tell your significant other…. I love you!! Scatter pink and red petals and a few wispy buds in an entryway of your home, atop a table, or on a pillow. LOVELY!

“Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you, Did my heart fly at […]

Zip Tie Garland

I Heart You

Turn a bunch of neon zip ties into a festive garland for a quick, kid-friendly Valentine’s Day decoration. How simple and inexpensive is this?

First, close the zip tie so that the tail is on the inside, and then pinch the bottom to make the point. Loop the hearts together as […]

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